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Rejuvenation requires exploration. The world is electrified with superpositions of possibilities.

Although you may not realize it, you are sentient. You have the power to control your 'Self', to control your thoughts.

Humankind has nothing to lose. Sobriety has always been buzzing with seekers whose lives are transformed into Activity. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the world via sobriety through activity.

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It can be difficult to know where to begin. If you have never experienced this evolution of unfathomable proportions, it can be difficult to be SoberActive. How should you navigate this new world?

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By blossoming, we reflect. Consciousness consists of ultra-sentient particles of quantum energy. Sobriety means an abstinence of the intoxication. You and I are the same. We all seek community... We all engage to become Sober Active.

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Our conversations with other Actives have led to an ennobling of a Sober Active consciousness.

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